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Malta IOM Open 2022

Sailing Instructions

1. Rules

      1.1.      The event shall be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing. RRS Appendix E shall apply.

      1.2.     The following documents shall also govern the event:

                 - The International One Metre Class Rules

                 - Equipment Rules of Sailing

                 - Heat Management System (HMS 2020) rules

                 - IRSA SYRPH

                 - World Sailing Call book for Radio Sailing

                 - The Notice of Race (NoR)

                 - These Sailing Instructions (SI)

                 - No prescription of a national authority will apply.

      1.3.     The Protest committee may publish a document setting out an accelerated procedure for                                                             protests and requests for redress.

      1.4.     The following changes to RRS shall apply:

                 (a) Chartered or loaned boats may carry the national letters denoting the national authority

                 and/ or the sail number of the person or organisation providing the boat. This changes RRS

                 G1.1(b) as modified by RRS E8.

                 (b) Other rule changes are stated in the notice that changes the rule.

      1.5.     The English language version of these documents shall prevail.

      1.6.     Appendix A of these Sailing Instructions shall apply.

      1.7.      The Sailing Instructions shall prevail in case of conflict with the Notice of Race.  This changes Rule 63.7.

2. Change to Rules

      2.1.      90.3(e) Replace “24 hours” with “5 minutes”.

3. Notices to Competitors

      3.1.      The Official Notice Board will be situated close to the sailing area.

      3.2.     Notices to competitors will be posted on the Official Notice Board, when possible, otherwise notices shall be                    verbal.

4. Changes in the Sailing Instructions

      4.1.      The Protest Committee and the Race Officer shall approve changes in the Sailing Instructions.

      4.2.     Any change of the Sailing Instructions shall be posted on the Official Notice Board and shall take effect from                    the first heat of a new race. However, changes to the Control Area, Launching Area, Waiting Area, and                                  Practice Area shall take effect from the next heat.  When a notice is posted the race committee shall make                      two sound signals followed by a hail announcing that a change has been posted.

      4.3.     Any change to the scheduled first warning signal of the day shall be posted by 19:00 or earlier on the day                           before it shall take effect.

5. Schedule of Races

                   Wednesday, 23 November 2022

                   11:00 to 15:00 - Practice

                   14:00 to 18:00 - Registration and boat checks (In a meeting room - signage will be provided close to the Hotel                    lobby)

                   Thursday, 24 November  2022

                   08:00 to 09:00 (in the sailing area) Last minute registration

                   09:30 Briefing

                   No warning signal shall be given before [10:00] and after [16:30].

                   Friday, 25 November 2022

                   No warning signal shall be given before [09:30] and after [16:30].

                   Saturday, 26 November 2022

                   No warning signal shall be given before [09:30] and after [16:30].

                   Sunday, 27 November 2022

                   No warning signal shall be given before [09:30] and No warning signal of the first heat in a race shall be                              given after [14:45]. If no boat in the final heat of the intended last race has sailed the course in accordance                        with RRS 28.1 and finished by [15:15] then the last race shall be abandoned and the previous race shall be                            taken as the final race.

                   19:30 till 21:30.  Buffet dinner gathering all participants will be held at il-Merill Restaurant, Paradise Bay                                    Resort.

                   21:45 a Presentation Ceremony will follow at Moses Hall, Paradise Bay Resort. 


                   On all days mentioned above, there will be a fixed lunch break from 12:30 to 13:30 irrespective of the day’s                          weather.  Skippers will be provided a snack for lunch.


6. Competitors as Observers

      6.1.      The Race Committee shall appoint observers. All competitors shall serve as observers as required by the                          race committee.

      6.2.     A competitor unable to serve as an observer for a heat shall obtain prior written approval from the race                            committee.  Approval shall normally only be granted if a competitor's boat requires immediate repairs or on                   medical or safety grounds.  Alternatively, the competitor shall nominate a substitute observer, who shall                           also be a competitor.  The competitor shall ensure that the substitute is present in the Control Area as                                 required by SI5.3 and that the race committee is notified of the substitute’s name and sail number.

      6.3.    An observer appointed for a heat who is not present in the control area from the Warning Signal until                                     released by the race committee, or who fails to act diligently as an observer, may be protested by the race                       committee under rule 60.2(a)

7. Racing Area

      7.1.      The sailing area shall be located at the Paradise Bay or at Little Armier Bay, Mellieha.

      7.2.     Boats may be launched and sailed at any time in the practice area.  Boats practising shall remain within the                    practice area. The limits to the practice area shall be posted on the official notice board.

      7.3.    A boat not racing in the heat being sailed shall not sail within 16 metres (50 feet) of either a boat racing or                         any mark of the racing course.

      7.4.    Changes to the practice area shall be posted on the Official Notice Board according to SI 3.2

      7.5.    A boat infringing SI 6.2 or 6.3 may be penalised by the Race Committee without a hearing. The penalty shall                     be one or more One-Turn Penalties taken after her starting signal and before she crosses the starting line.                         This changes E7, E7(b), 63.1, 64.1 and A5.

8. Control and launching area

     8.1.    The control area will be notified by the Race Committee at the start of the day’s racing or before a race or                          heat starts should there be a requirement to change the control area.  Any changes shall be verbally notified                  to the competitors and shall be implemented only between heats.  Two sound signals followed by verbal                            announcements shall be made to call attention to the change(s).

     8.2.    The launching area will be designated by the Race Committee at the start of the day’s racing or before a                            race or heat starts should there be a requirement to change the launching area.  Any changes shall be                                verbally notified to the competitors and shall be implemented only between heats.  Two sound signals                                followed by verbal announcements shall be made to call attention to the change(s).

     8.3.    Boats scheduled to sail in a heat shall not enter the Waiting Area until authorized by the Race Committee.                         Boats shall not enter the Launch Area from the Waiting Area until authorized by the Race Committee.

     8.4.    A boat infringing SI 7.3 may be penalised by the Race Committee without a hearing. The penalty shall be one                   or more One-Turn Penalties taken after her starting signal and before she crosses the starting line.  This                             changes E7(b) 63.1, 64.1 and A5.

     8.5.    Launching and re-launching

                 (a) A boat scheduled to race in a heat may be launched, held in the launching area, taken ashore, or re-                             launched at any time during the heat. However, she shall not be released for the first time during a heat                             after the first boat in that heat has finished.

                 (b) Boats shall be launched or recovered only from within the launching area.

                 (c) While ashore or within the launching area, boats may be adjusted, drained of water, or repaired; have                          their sails/rigs changed; have entangled objects removed; or have, equipment repaired or changed.

     8.6.     Changes to the Control Area, Launching Area and the Waiting Area shall be notified as required by SI 3.2


9. Course

     9.1.     The course, including a description of the marks, starting, and finishing line, the order in which marks are                           rounded, and the side on which each mark is to be left, shall be displayed on the course board as provided in                   RRS E3.3 before the warning signal of each heat.

     9.2.    Before the start of the next leg, the course may be changed by the race officer by naming the next mark or                      marks. This announcement will be proceeded by 3 sound signals.

10. Heat Composition

    10.1.    The heat composition shall be posted on the Heat board near the control area. 

    10.2.   HMS 2022 v1 Rule # 2 & Rule # 3 applies.

    10.3.   Time to change rigs. This request should be made to the Race Officer within 2 minutes from the end of the                          heat just finished. The break will be at the discretion of the Race Officer who will announce the break and the                  duration, after which, the warning signal for the next heat will be sounded even if the rig change has not                            been completed.

    10.4.   Skippers involved in a collision during a heat in which their boat suffered slight damage AND the skipper won                  promotion to the next heat, may ask the Race Officer for a break to repair the said damage within 2 minutes                    of completing the heat and providing that the warning signal for the next heat has not started.  It is at the                         discretion of the Race Officer to decide if the request is valid. The Race Officer will determine the duration of                     the break, after which, the warning signal for the next heat will be sounded even if the repairs have not been                   completed.

11. The Start

     11.1.     The Race Committee shall hail the heat and race number of the next heat.  It is the competitor’s                                                 responsibility to hear this call and for the boat to compete in her assigned heat. Failure to hear and comply                     with the Race Committee's hail shall not be grounds for redress. This changes RRS 62.

     11.2.    Following a general recall, the warning signal shall be made as soon as possible.

12. Time Limit

     12.1.    No boat shall start after the first boat in the heat has finished.

     12.2.   Boats starting more than one minute after the starting signal shall hail and receive acknowledgement from                   the Race Officer that they have started.

     12.3.   The time limit for the first boat to finish after having sailed the course in accordance with rule 28 shall be 30                     minutes.

13. Time out Limit

     13.1.     Except as in SI 12.4, the Time Out Limit for racing after the first boat finishes shall be 5 minutes.

     13.2.    At the expiry of the Time Out Limit: - If 6 or fewer boats are still racing, they shall be recorded according to                          SI 12.3. - If more than 6 boats are still racing the Time Out Limit shall be extended until only 6 boats remain                          racing, at which point they shall be recorded according to SI 12.3.

     13.3.    Boats failing to finish within the Time Out Limit shall be recorded as DNF, RET, OCS, DNS, NSC or DNC in that                          order, as appropriate. DNF boats still racing at the end of the Time Out Limit shall be recorded with finishing                      places according to their order on the water. These boats shall be scored according to their finishing                                    places, and this will be not subject to redress.

     13.4.    There shall be no Time Out Limit in Race 1.

14. Protests

     14.1.     Protests and requests for redress need not be in writing. This changes rule 61.2. The protest committee may                      take evidence in any way it considers appropriate and may communicate its decision orally.

     14.2.    Parties to a protest shall be called orally by hailing that the protest hearing is opening.  It is the                                                    responsibility of the parties to come to the hearing without delay accompanied by any witness.  No other                          notice of the hearing will be given.  Hearings will be held in the Protest Committee area. 

                  This changes Rule 63.2.

     14.3.    The IRSA SYRPH (System for Reducing Protest Hearings) shall be used, when applicable, before a formal                                protest hearing is opened.

     14.4.    For the purposes of rule 64.3(b) the 'authority responsible' is the IOMICA Technical Subcommittee or its                                official delegate at the event.

     14.5.    A skipper intending to protest must advise the Race Officer immediately after finishing his/her heat. 

     14.6.    Protest forms must be completed and handed in to the Race Committee within 5 minutes from finishing                            his/her heat.

     14.7.    Failure to lodge a written protest within the prescribed time limit will not be grounds for redress.

15. Scoring System

     15.1.    Heat Management System shall apply.

     15.2.    Five races are required to be completed to constitute a series.

     15.3.    A boat finishing in a heat to which she has not been assigned shall be scored DNS for the heat to which she                      was assigned. She shall not sail in her assigned heat.

16. Replacement of equipment

     16.1.    Substitution of damaged or lost equipment shall not be allowed unless authorized by the race committee.                       Requests for substitution shall be made to the committee at the first reasonable opportunity.

17. Equipment and Measurement checks

     17.1.    A boat or equipment may be inspected at any time for compliance with the class rules and sailing                                          instructions. On the water, a boat can be instructed by a race committee, equipment inspector or measurer                    to proceed immediately to a designated area for inspection.

18. Transmitters

     18.1.    Unless the Race Committee prohibits their use, competitors not racing may use their transmitters at any                           time for the purpose of tuning or practice sailing. 

19. Prizes

     19.1.    Prizes shall be awarded to the first 5 positions in the final results.

                Other prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the event organizers.

20. Risk Statement

     20.1.   RRS 3 of the Racing RRSs of Sailing states: “The responsibility for a boat’s decision to participate in a heat or                       to continue racing is hers alone.”

                 Sailing is by its nature an unpredictable sport and therefore involves an element of risk. By taking part in any                   of the events covered by this notice of race, each competitor agrees and acknowledges that:

            a. They are aware of the inherent element of risk involved in the sport and accept responsibility for the                                      exposure of themselves and their boat to such inherent risk whilst taking part in the event;

            b. They are responsible for the safety of themselves, their boat and their other property whether afloat or                               ashore;

            c. They accept responsibility for any injury, damage or loss to the extent caused by their own actions or                                   omissions;

            d. Their boat is in good order, equipped to sail in the event and they are fit to participate;

            e. The provision of a race management team, patrol boats, umpires and other officials and volunteers by the                      organiser does not relieve them of their own responsibilities;

             f. The provision of patrol boat cover is limited to such assistance, particularly in extreme weather conditions,                       as can be practically provided in the circumstances.

21. Conduct

     21.1.   Major regattas offer significant public exposure to our sport. Inappropriate competitor behaviour can reflect                  negatively on that exposure. All participants are advised that their actions shall be under scrutiny, not only                      by the public, but also by the race officials. Kindly behave with dignity and respect. Any behaviour that                                breaches good manners or sportsmanship or that brings our sport into disrepute shall result in a hearing                          under RRS 69 (Allegations of gross misconduct).



Umpired Races - There will not be Umpiring at this event